Micropayments to View Articles. Here’s How it Works

We use a system of micropayments called SatoshiPay to view some articles on this site. Typically it costs less than $1 for tuition posts.

You buy 100 tokens, which are stored on your own device and then you send us a few tokens for the articles you wish to see. This is instantaneous.

The process is easy and starts with a credit card or PayPal to top up your web wallet and then needs a simple click to view each article.

    • It is secure.
    • It does not require user registration.
    • We do not store any of your personal information.
    • Once you have paid to view an article, you have ongoing access to it from your device (phone, tablet, PC).
    • Remember – you only pay for the content you actually wish to see.
    • There are no monthly charges.
  • There are NO credit card or PayPal transaction fees when you top up your Web Wallet.
This is a new micro transaction service that rewards publishers like us, but is cheap for our readership.

(If you are publisher of a website and want to set up a micropayment system like ours, you can use our referral code 849543 when you sign up with  SatoshiPay  if you wish, which will give you 40% discount of the commission charge for your first 6 months (up to a maximum of 10,000€ in sales revenue), as well as benefiting our website.)

You can make a donation in crypto when you view feature articles. The donate button is at the bottom of some articles. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Stellar. It’s simple to select your coin and use the QR code to pay from your favourite crypto wallet.

I also encourage you to place an ad on our website. Simply use the contact form to request an ad placement.

Much of the content is free, but we cannot maintain this website without your support, so I thank you in advance,

Marcel (webmaster)

How to Use our Article Payment System

Our micropayment system uses a crypto currency called Stellar, but this is transparent and you don’t need to know anything about crypto currency to use it. We use this system because the transaction charges are small and payments are ‘instant’ (once you have filled your web wallet).

We charge 8 tokens for tuition articles (~ $1) and 2 tokens for feature articles (~$0.20).

Here is an illustration of our payment system in action.

To see the article click on ‘PAY 4’.

The first time you want to access an article, you have to fill up your web wallet (‘You don’t have enough credits’). After that you can use the credit in your web wallet to see articles, which means you only need one click.

Your web wallet can be accessed via the small blue circle in the bottom right hand side of your screen. You can check your balance, or you can export your private key if you want to transfer your credit to another device (phone, tablet, desktop). Please be aware that if you clear your cookies, you will lose your web wallet credit (up to $5), so you may wish to save your private key anyway.

Click on ‘let’s get you filled up’ :

Choose your payment method. Here we choose credit card :-

Click on ‘Accept’ :-

Confirm your payment to buy 20.0 tokens (costs 4.14€ at the moment, but cost varies) :-

Choose VISA or Mastercard and complete the payment.  That’s it! If there were any issues, you can contact us, or their support at support@satoshipay.io


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