Light and White in Watercolour – Workshop in the Algarve, Portugal, 28/4 – 4/5 2019

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Light and White in Watercolour

I’m planning some serious self-indulgence at the end of April next year. I’m hoping you’ll join me for a relaxing week of sketching in watercolour in the western Algarve region of Portugal…after spending a week there last March as part of the Sketch Tour Portugal, I want to share what I found there with you, and discover new ways to interpret its magnificent scenery in watercolour.

The Algarve is known for its beautiful light. The southwest coast of the Algarve is blessed with some stunning beaches and gorgeous traditional architecture.


The trip takes place from the 28th April to 4th May 2019.

Workshop Details

We’ll be an intimate group of between eight and twelve participants. We’ll eat together, travel together and sketch together, balanced with plenty of quiet time whether through sketching or relaxing in your lodgings. You are guaranteed not to be rushed during this workshop, as we will spend long stretches at each of the stunning locations we visit.

We will start our Algarve adventure in Faro, from where we’ll make our way to Armação de Péra, where we’ll spend two nights. Our first artistic challenge will be to paint the spectacular sunset from the beach next to our hotel. The next day we will explore some typical busy Algarve villages, sketching some of the local architecture.

Then we will slow things right down, step back in time and arrive in Aldeia de Pedralva, a beautiful little village that now caters only for holidaymakers. It’s an authentic Portuguese village whose inhabitants took to pastures elsewhere, and has been restored by a local entrepreneur with a special vision into an adorable place to unwind and find quiet and calm. Two winding cobbled streets comprise the entire village, along which are lined tiny whitewashed houses, each accommodating just a few people. There is a schoolroom we can avail of where we can have our group discussions, debriefing sessions and throw-downs, somewhere to analyse any particular issues.

There are two restaurants in Aldeia de Pedralva catering for a range of tastes. From Pedralva we will head to the nearby beaches and address some of the challenges presented by painting a beach: horizons, the sparkle of light on water, reflections in wet sand, wet stones shining in the tide, waves and of course people on the beach. They’re likely to stay still as they relax, making the challenge slightly easier. The workshop takes place early enough in the season that we’ll avoid crowds: we have timed it to take place late enough in the year to be warm, but early enough to have the place to ourselves.

For architectural sketches, we will tackle the play of light on a white surface, and how different shades of blue used to suggest shadows can create different effects. We’ll focus on looking hard, painting what’s there rather than what we initially think is there, and be honest with what we see.

Learning Goals

Throughout all of this we will experiment with the different effects that can be produced though clever timing and learning a few simple skills.

– We’ll look at different brush techniques, like wet-on-wet, glazing, creative colouring, making colour pop and the judicious use of the white page
– We’ll study the benefits of giving just the right amount of time to our paint to make it behave as we want
– We’ll explore letting go and playing fast and loose with reality
– We’ll explore simple techniques for depicting people enjoying downtime
– We’ll explore different compositions and how to make the most of the scene before us
– Throughout, we will learn techniques for LOOKING, THINKING and PLANNING.

The outcome will be that you will be more likely, in a situation where time is of the essence, to get it RIGHT FIRST TIME.


The cost for the workshop includes six nights accommodation in a double room, travel by minibus or coach within the workshop and tuition. The cost does not include evening meals, alcoholic drinks and travel to and from Faro. The itinerary will be designed and circulated over the next month or so.

Terms and Conditions

(1) Places in the workshop are strictly limited to 12. This does not include companions, whom we will do our best to accommodate.
(2) This workshop is based on a minimum of 7 people attending.
(3) The workshop will be conducted in English. French and Spanish translation is available from Róisín upon request on the day.
(4) The workshop will take place between 2pm on Sunday 28th April and 2.00pm on Saturday 4th May 2019.
(5) It is the responsibility for the attendees and their companions to make their own way to Faro Airport, Portugal by 2pm on Sunday 4th May 2019 OR to Armacao de Pera by 4pm on the same day, and to the various starting points each morning in good time and to arrange their own departure from Kent after the workshop ends.
(6) Please arrange your own insurance. You should arrange to insure against problems in all aspects of your travel, including flight cancellation, health problems, baggage loss or damage, or cancellation of the group tour booking.
(7) We will provide breakfast each morning. Lunch is at participants’ own expense. This is to allow participants to make their own lunch arrangements, should they wish to.
(8) Dinner will be provided each evening.
(9) The cost of alcoholic drinks will not be included in the dinner.
(10) If you are staying in the arranged accommodation, then you will have a warm bed, clean dry room and linen, hot water, soap and towels.
(11) If you are not staying in the arranged accommodation, then we will not be held responsible for any deficiencies in that accommodation.
(12) If you are not staying in the arranged accommodation, then participants and their companions must make their own way to the workshop events each morning in good time. We will not be responsible for the costs of this element of travel. We will not be responsible for delays in arriving each morning at the workshop.
(13) The itinerary may be adjusted to accommodate unforseen changes to the schedule.
(14) The weather may dictate that we have to work indoors. If this is the case, then suitable adjustments to the programme will be made, so that the workshop can continue.
(15) We will arrange transport to take participants to the various sketching locations. We do not commit to make pickups and drop offs elsewhere on those days, although we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the participants and their companions.
(16) We do not provide any art materials to the participants as standard. Please bring these with you. We will list the items we think you should bring. If you wish us to source some art materials for you, then we can do this, at your own expense. Please contact us if you want us to get anything for you.
(17) We will not be held responsible for theft or damage caused by others, whether in Armaçao de Pera or Aldeia da Pedralva, or during the workshop. Please ensure you are covered by insurance for these eventualities.
(18) We cannot be held responsible for events beyond our control, such as floods, power cuts, storm damage, water shortages, drinking water contamination, leaks etc. We will try to help if we can to resolve any issues that arise.
(19) The workshop fee does not include passport or visa fees, taxes, airfares, travel to and from Portugal from your home, or additional tips for good service. The workshop fee does not include additional items in the arranged accommodation such as room service, telephone or data charges, minibar, paid-for television or movies, laundry etc. The workshop fee does not include optional or trip cancellation insurance (this is recommended). To be clear, the workshop fee does not include anything extra to that which has been specifically listed as being included in the workshop.
(20) Róisín Curé Art reserves the right to change the accommodation in the case of force majeure. The customer shall inform Róisín Curé Art in writing whether he or she chooses to withdraw or to benefit from the alternate package within and not after 2 days from receipt of the alternate proposal. Should the customer fail to accept any variations, Róisín Curé Art shall return only the sums of money received within 7 working days from receipt of the communication from the customer.
(21) For the arranged accommodation, single private rooms are based upon availability. Double occupancy may be available upon request. No un-enrolled person or persons may occupy or otherwise share a room or accommodations with enrolled guests/participants. Special permission may be granted with advance notice.
(22) Damage and Charges. Attendees and their companions are required to act in a responsible manner at all times. Róisín Curé Art reserves the right to recover from clients the cost of any loss or damage caused by a failure to respect the property, fixtures, or fittings.
(23) We cannot be held responsible for force majeure including (but are not limited to) strikes, breakdowns, illness, accidents, volcanic dust clouds, storms, war, terrorist acts, riots, floods, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

More than 90 days before departure: €500 forfeited
(This may be transferred to another workshop, with a €100 administration fee: however, the €500 will be refunded if we get a replacement.)
61-90 days before departure: 50% forfeited
31-60 days before departure: 75% forfeited
0-30 days before departure: 100% forfeited

Detailed itinerary available on request.


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