• Galway: Destroyed With History, Alive With Music January 18, 2019 Róisín Curé

    I’m working intensely to finish a book for the end of February, and so I find myself in Galway City a lot these days. “An Urban Sketcher’s Galway” will be ...

  • Never Always Work With Children And Animals November 13, 2018 Róisín Curé

    (Never) Always Work With Animals And Children Yesterday I saw some beautiful beech leaves that I wanted to paint. There was something so magical about them. The colours, the hues…I don’t ...

  • Making A Bad Drawing Is Good November 5, 2018 Róisín Curé

    I love sketching at the bus stop while I wait for the kids. No one can disturb me. The car is tiny but it doesn’t matter. And the only subjects ...

  • Right-Looking Eejits June 26, 2018 Róisín Curé

    The other day, my husband Marcel and I were driving into town. There was a buzzing coming from somewhere in the car. “There’s a bee in the car,” said Marcel, who ...

  • Keeping Up With The Curés – Holiday Special (in Sketches) January 10, 2018 Róisín Curé

    The end-of-year holiday over Christmas and New Year provides a great opportunity for sketching family, one of which I take full advantage.

  • Hallowe’en marks the Start of Winter (Still Sketching Though) November 4, 2017 Róisín Curé

    Hallowe’en marks the end of autumn and the start of the long dark days of winter. Going for walks with my lovely teenagers – and sketching – are good ways ...

  • Drawing the Carers: Portraits of Hospital Life January 25, 2017 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. A commission to draw hospital staff from life in University College Hospital was rewarding but challenging – for me and my sitters, who were not used to sitting still. ...

  • My Kid is a Kitchen Whiz: Sketching in a TV Studio October 27, 2016 Róisín Curé

    My daughter and her pal were invited to take part in a kids’ game show for TG4. The girls’ sporting approach and constant smiles were an inspiration.

  • Iron, Zinc and Pure Gold: Culture Night 2016 in Galway September 19, 2016 Róisín Curé

    I sketched a few events at Culture Night this year. It’s a national, annual event which takes place every September, and a great opportunity to get a dose of culture. ...

  • Till Death Do Us Part: Sketching and a Family Wedding September 13, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. Family weddings are always fun, even if it’s not the bride whose nerves are in pieces…our trip to Rye in the summer was made the more memorable by my ...

  • Sketching Koi Carp: My Way To Mourn August 19, 2016 Róisín Curé

    Our koi carp didn’t do a whole lot, but they were beautiful, and were an oasis of calm in my busy day. We lost them recently due to our own ...

  • Sketching Life and Colour of Galway City June 28, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. The life and colour of Galway City in the summer are legendary. I’ve caught a few of my favourite Galway sights in watercolour over the last couple of weeks.

  • Summer Sketching in Galway – A Week in Paradise June 3, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. Sometimes the sun arrives to stay for a while in Ireland and we remember what a paradise we live in. Here are a few of my sketches of a ...

  • Urban Sketching in Enniskerry Village: A Trip Down Memory Lane May 26, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. I brought Urban Sketching to an enthusiastic audience in my home village of Enniskerry recently. It was a far cry from miserable years walking home in the dark as ...

  • Sketching A Puppy: A Furry Artist’s Model May 13, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. My husband and I were adamant that we were not getting a puppy. On the other hand, if your daughter begs for two years, it’s hard to resist.

  • Eat, Draw, Weep: The Emotion of the Gift of Food March 14, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. The preparation and presentation of food for a loved one is fraught with emotion. Whether or not to sketch it afterwards can be an emotional minefield.

  • Cooking Up A Sketch: Clodagh McKenna in Galway March 4, 2016 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. I sketched the wonderful Clodagh McKenna cooking at a demo last night in Galway. She is an inspirational chef and I can’t wait to try the delicious recipes she ...

  • Tulca Festival of Visual Art 2015: Sketching Contemporary Art November 20, 2015 Róisín Curé

    Tulca Arts Festival takes place in Galway every November. I went in as a cynic but it took just one piece to make me think again.

  • Sketching as Tranquiliser November 5, 2015 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. Hospitals are a necessary evil for the most part…unless you’re having a baby (babies rock). Sketching is a great way to make the experience a positive one.

  • It’s A Knockout: Family Harmony on the East Coast of Ireland August 16, 2015 Róisín Curé

    PREMIUM. I grew up beside Powerscourt Waterfall, near Bray, a seaside town on Ireland’s East Coast. I took my children on a break there and all was peace and light…almost.