Discovering a Treasure: The Fishery Watchtower, Galway

Discovering a Treasure: The Fishery Watchtower, Galway

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I’ve lived in Galway for nearly 25 years, and in that time the most wonderful gems have passed me by, barely noticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It has taken my urban sketching hobby to open my eyes to the glory that’s all around me, right here where I live. The Fishery Watchtower, Galway, is – or was – just such an unexplored treat. Walk down Quay Street in Galway City, through the throng of visitors, buskers, workers, students and the occasional vagabond and you come to Wolfe Tone Bridge, which crosses the rushing, racing River Corrib. After the intensity of Galway, your immediate sense is one of relief, as the wide open space of Galway Bay appears up to your left. At the foot of Wolfe Tone Bridge there’s a little walkway, spanning a few quieter metres of the River Corrib. The walkway leads to the Fishery Watchtower, a very pretty yellow building, designed in an Italian style that was popular when it was built in 1853.
Fishery Watchtower, Galway

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