Sunny Days in May

This is one of the posts I’ll like to look back at when Ireland is once again as different as can be from what it is this week.

This beautiful week. I went for my daily walk with Reuben the terrier at about half past four today. It was literally warmer outside than in, and I quickly ditched my hoodie. The air was more than warm, though. It was balmy, and I was enveloped in a strong, sweet smell of flowers. It’s the nicest month, when it’s good weather. Full of promise.

Yesterday I made a little video of painting the lawnmower, to go with my article on watercolour techniques – wet onto dry and wet onto wet. Here is the result:

A gorgeous afternoon of painting, with little Reuben barking at poor (squatter) starlings where they nest in the gables of the garage, making them fly for their lives across the lawn. If only Reuben could understand that he will never be able to jump as high as their nests, and if only the starlings could understand that they can stay where they are, safe in the knowledge that the annoying little white dog can’t fly.

The hoodie on the washing line was painted in the same circumstance: sunshine, barking and furious tweeting. And also a pleasure to sketch.

Last night was Awards Night in Gort Community School. That’s my kids’ school, and not for the first time I thought how lucky my kids are to go there. They love it.

There were awards by the truckload, most of which were awarded by bodies outside the school. My favourites were the one to the Shining Star Of The Music Room, a beautiful girl with Down’s Syndrome, whom, it was said, lit up the room with her smile and glowing personality whenever she walked in; the one given to the Most Outstanding International Student, a Spanish girl who came for a term and ended up staying…then there was the girl who won an Open Water Swimming event – her walk-on music was the theme tune from Jaws. The music and drama teacher choked up as she lauded the girl who played Maria in the school musical.

I choked up at everything.

More stories from beautiful, paradise Galway over the next few days.

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