Sketching the Best Boys

Sometimes sketchers visit other towns and look up the local sketchers. We meet for a drink or something to eat and do a bit of sketching together. Today Hélio Boto from Portugal visited Galway with his girlfriend Marlena, and it happened to coincide with a visit from Arizona sketcher Marylin French St. George. We were joined by Mairéad, a Galwegian, and we sketched together in my favourite pub, Tigh Neachtain. It was convivial, and a very nice way to welcome visitors to our town.

My son went to the barbers the other day. A tiny lad of about three years old was having his first haircut beside him. His mummy hovered, reassuring him, delighted with the little lad’s fabulous behaviour.

“You’re the best boy!” she said.

I felt my own competitive mummy neurons tingle. Didn’t she know that MY son is the best boy? He is nearly eighteen and he sits very still like a good boy when he is having his hair cut, and he says thank you to to the nice man.

Ah yes…sketching. Always fun.


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