Sketching On Holiday: Now It’s Me Time!

There’s something magically evocative about a sketch. Something that a photo doesn’t capture. A holiday is the perfect opportunity to capture the sights and senses of a special place, as you have time to indulge yourself with a bit of relaxing sketching in a way that the day-to-day business of living doesn’t allow. If you want to come home with a sketchbook of impressions that conjure up memories in a way that no photo album will ever do, then read on. I am going to share with you my top tips for making the most of your holiday sketching.

I’ll talk about the following:
– The kit you’ll need
– Planning in advance
– Sketching opportunities in unlikely places
– Finding time on holiday that doesn’t take you away form your travelling companions
– How to distill a scene when you don’t have a lot of time
– Deciding what’s important
– Sketching family and friends
– How to make sketching on holiday a social occasion

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