Planning an Urban Sketch: 10 Tricks for your Toolbox (Parts Two and Three)

This is Parts Two and Three of a series of tutorials on urban sketching, my 10 Tricks for your Toolbox. I’m running two sessions together as I missed one – I was having a lovely time on the southernmost tip of Ireland, in Schull, Co. Cork, where I was a long way from my computer! If you are a keen urban sketcher, subscribe to my YouTube channel, Roisin Cure, for more.

In Part One of my 10 Tricks for your Toolbox, I suggested some of the things to look out for when planning what you’re going to draw. I described how to make a mental checklist of some of the elements of an urban sketch which will contribute to making for a really satisfying and engrossing sketch, both for you to do and for the viewer to enjoy looking at. If you haven’t yet read Part One, then have a quick look before diving into this part.

In it I showed you how to look out for 3 of the 10 Tricks. They apply in particular to an indoor scene, but some can be applied to any situation.

Next I’m going to show you the remaining 7 of the 10 Tricks.

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