Living In Lockdown – Sketching At Home (Day 52)

Sunday 3rd May

Lockdown trends I have done: sourdough (can’t open the jar anymore because the lid is now glued on with starter); baking (my daughter does it all now); yoga (every day I do ten or twenty minutes and I hope this is one craze I won’t drop); zoom classes (fun!); made masks (they are all going to be made on my own designed fabric from now on); cut everyone’s hair (and my own); made banana bread (didn’t turn out); drunk far more than normal (mmmm); and of course, drawn my own little world.

Lockdown trends I have not done: had group drinks or art sessions on zoom, watched Tiger King, got dressed up for zoom (does brushing you hair and putting make-up on count?) or become fit.

Is there anything left that you’d like to do with this time? Would you like to get into sketching? Of course you would! Who on this earth wouldn’t want to surround themselves with something lovely, then challenge themselves to get the lines of the lovely thing in the right place, and then dive into lovely splashy wtaercolour, and end up with a happy sigh of contentment at the end? Not to mention you can’t dwell on your worries when you’re wondering if your line is just-so, or if that first layer has fully dried yet…

I would like to share the magic of what I do with you. On zoom – which is great, I do it three times a week with a bunch of wonderful children. All you have to do is get your kit together, and show up.

The ID for Wednesday’s class is 880-2787-2881. There is no charge for the classes: I have asked for a donation. You can offer me whatever you like, but I’ve suggested €10 for the two hours, which you can pay me via PayPal to roisincurepictures(at)gmail(dot)com. Either way, you can comment below and I will send out the password on Tuesday. The class will take place at 4pm GMT, which is 5pm Dublin time and 6pm in France.

This is the first class. There will be more, at different times.

I will start by showing you a photo of the subject I am drawing (spoiler: it’s a plant, the one in my last blog post). I will explain how I strayed from reality with the composition, and why. Then I will explain how I get the lines to go in the right places, what tools I use and why. Next, I will explain how to get the sensitivity you’re after, what to do if you make a mistake in pen, and how to decide what colours to pick. Then it’s time to paint, and I will show you the essential technique for layering. When the paint has dried (there may be a little interlude for chat at that point!) I will show you what to do to make the colours pop.

With the three techniques of accurate drawing, layering your paint and increasing drama, you’ll find that your work will start to greatly improve. The reason I can make such a bold statement with such confidence is because I have seen this happen countless times with my students. I will not ask you to do anything too difficult, I promise.

If you would prefer a one-on-one class please get in touch. I would be delighted to talk to you about your specific issues, and we can build a private class around that. And remember, I can teach you privately in French or Spanish if your first language isn’t English.

See you Wednesday!


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