Living In Lockdown…Sketch With Me On Zoom!

Saturday 2nd May


Sketching your houseplants of not as hard as it might seem. I am going to show you how I did mine.

You start by looking for a plant you think would make a suitable contender. You want one with some broad leaves, or you’ll get frustrated when things get fiddly. Then you take your pen and get going…in my new zoom class I will show you exactly what tools I used, how I identified my subject and arranged my composition, and how I started. I will show you how keen observation is your friend – and once you become familiar with these techniques, you can apply them for any situation. So you will learn really strong basics of drawing.

Next, I am going to explain how I layer watercolour to get a good, rich result. This is a simple subject, but if you understand how to do something really simple, you’ll understand how to layer watercolour in any situation.

And back to the final image! I will explain how to deepen your colours and to make them pop, and again, with this one simple sketch of a plant, you will hopefully find you can apply the technique to any of your sketches.

The class will take place on Wednesday 6th May at 4pm GMT. That is 5pm BST (Dublin / Galway / London time). It will last for two hours. If you’re late, you won’t get in, for the simple reason that I can’t operate my phone once I start filming! The meeting ID is 880-2787-2881 and you can DM me your email address on Instagram (or here, in a comment) for the password, which I will send out together on Tuesday sometime. Suggested donation is €10 and you can use my PayPal address, which is roisincurepictures(at)gmail(dot)com. I will keep everyone muted or it’ll be pandemonium! I also offer small classes, and one-on-one, in which you can chat away, ask questions, get personal guidance etc. Please get in touch is this is what you’d prefer.

The tools you will need are your own favourites, but I will be using a fude fountain pen with black waterproof ink, and the colours I will be using are lemon yellow, phthalo greem green apatite genuine, burnt umber, transparent red oxide and yellow ochre. Don’t worry if you don’t have those – as long as you can make a variety of greens and a variety of browns you will be fine!

See you then!


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