Zoom: Sketch Clinic

Over an hour and a half, you will draw and paint along with me as I make a fully-guided sketch. There will be a 10-minute coffee break after an hour and a half, followed by an informal clinic afterwards (bring your coffee) where I will take questions. So, two hours 10 minutes in total, give or take a few minutes.

I describe in detail what I am doing as I go along, and share tips about the methods used. Participants are muted but the chat feature may be used. This is because it’s easy to get side-tracked. Everything can be discussed in the clinic. The materials I will use will always be waterproof ink, artists’ watercolour, watercolour paper (200g) and natural or natural-synthetic blend watercolour brushes in sizes 8-12. These are recommended, but you may use whatever you like. Class must be purchased by midday the previous day but can be bought in blocks of five, which are valid for use on consecutive sessions according to the time you have selected. Meeting details are sent after purchase.

It will run on Saturdays from 4.00pm to 6.10pm GMT.
There is no commitment. No term. Come and go as suits.
The classes will be accessible to everyone at every level.

Each week the topic will cover one technical aspect of ink and watercolour with a focus on urban sketching.

When the clinic begins, the student will type a question in the chat and I will choose which ones have a general interest. The student will then be invited to discuss their question aloud.

Details will be sent automatically as per the Sketch-Along you may already do.

Homework: No
Number of participants: 1-100.

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Apr 24 2021


GMT + 1 Irish Summer Time
4:00 pm - 6:10 pm
Róisín Curé


Róisín Curé