Zoom: Mixed Media

These classes last 2 1/4 hours and are fully interactive. Materials are sent the day before along with meeting details. Participants draw along with me as I make a fully-guided sketch. Students control their own mute function: they may ask questions or comment throughout class and may also address me and/or the class via chat. Individual feedback is offered at the end of class. Materials I use will be indicated to the class in advance. They will include gouache, ink, watercolour, acrylic, acrylic markers, toned paper and watercolour paper. Subjects will include art through history and can cover any period, any artist and any genre. The aim is to help you enjoy all aspects of art, whether at home or out and about. Class is booked a term of 5 classes in advance.

Homework: Yes, self-guided
Number of participants: 7

The event is finished.



Sep 26 2020


GMT + 1 Irish Summer Time
11:00 am - 1:15 pm
Róisín Curé


Róisín Curé

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