Banishing Bad Hair Days: Sketching at a Dog Grooming Championship

Banishing Bad Hair Days: Sketching at a Dog Grooming Championship

If you like this please +1 it! A few days ago I got a call from Annie Taylor, the lady who bred my beloved puppy. As well as breeding border terriers and Jack Russells bursting with health and full of character, she’s a dog groomer too. “The 20th anniversary of the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association Championship is on in Dublin at the weekend,” she said. “Would you like to come and sketch the event?” “But dogs are impossible to sketch,” I said. “They never stop moving.” “That’s why you’ll like this event,” said Annie. “There will be lots of time to sketch them on the stands while they’re being clipped.” That sounded good to me, and just before dawn on Sunday we were motoring up to Dublin in Annie’s van, while Howie, one of her terriers, tried to climb onto my lap. He was attending the show in a professional capacity, as he was to “volunteer” his services as a demo dog for a grooming technique known as hand-stripping. This is a PREMIUM access article. We use a simple to use web wallet that can be filled up using a credit card, PayPal or with XLM using a secure payment system. Once you have paid, you will have ongoing access to the article from the device (tablet, phone, PC) that you used to pay for it. You can access the post by topping up your web wallet with 20 stellar lumen tokens (the price of a stellar lumen is currently usd ) if you haven’t already done so and then making a micropayment of 2 lumens to continue reading this post   Remember: NO subscription required, NO monthly fees, NO personal information, just a new secure micropayment mechanism for content you want to see.


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