Away From It All: Sketching in Schull, West Cork

Away From It All: Sketching in Schull, West Cork

I recently had a great week of sketching in a lovely little Irish town in West Cork, but in mid-February, a somewhat un-sketching-friendly time of year…

It’s A Long Way To West Cork

I turned fifty recently. I’m sure I had vague plans to be somewhere exotic when the big day rolled around, but it wasn’t to be. Our youngest, Olivia, is 13 and a sailor of 420 racing dinghies. There was a week of training for these young sailors planned in Schull, out on the peninsula of West Cork, and my husband and I had decided to head down there for the school mid-term break en famille. There is a somewhat sheltered bay there, making it ideal as a training ground for the kids. I didn’t mind the fact that I would spend most of the day packing and driving, as there is no better company than my husband Marcel and our kids (of whom two would be travelling with us, Olivia and her brother Paddy). Besides, I was happy to get out of Dodge. And so it turned out: it was a nice day for a drive, all five hours of it. Schull turned out to be a sleepy little town consisting of one steep, twisting street with shops and pubs on it, and little else. It looked very cute in the early spring night. In Schull we settled the kids and our little long-haired Jack Russell Reuben, who disgraced himself, and by extension us, by immediately cocking his leg in the house where we were staying. We had been very kindly invited by a good friend who had a male dog of their own, so it was terribly awkward. The dogs set each other on edge and the “host” dog was terribly upset at having to share his space. Unable to take the embarrassment any longer, Marcel and I headed out for a pint. This is a PREMIUM access article. We use a simple to use web wallet that can be filled up using a credit card, PayPal or with XLM using a secure payment system. Once you have paid, you will have ongoing access to the article from the device (tablet, phone, PC) that you used to pay for it. You can access the post by topping up your web wallet with 20 stellar lumen tokens (the price of a stellar lumen is currently usd ) if you haven’t already done so and then making a micropayment of 2 lumens to continue reading this post   Remember: NO subscription required, NO monthly fees, NO personal information, just a new secure micropayment mechanism for content you want to see.


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