An ABC of Drawing Directly in Ink: ASK, BUILD, COMPARE


Drawing directly in ink is a wonderful way to sketch. It’s expressive, fast and dynamic, and it allows the sketcher’s own artistic voice to shine through. But it can be daunting. What if I make a mistake? Sometimes it feels like a puzzle that’s just too hard.

Like many puzzles, there’s a trick to drawing confidently and well. Once you know the trick, you want to try it out again and again. It’s very satisfying, as is learning to solve a maths problem, a crossword, or a sudoku puzzle. This article teaches the “unit” method of measurement and cross-reference: what’s more, it’s not only possible done directly in ink with no under-drawing in pencil first – but it’s also a lot more fun. The sketcher will retain the freshness and expressivity so desired by artists everywhere.

So how does it work?
A is for ASK
B is for BEGIN to BUILD

I’ll show a drawing technique that I’ve used for a while, but have recently described in a few simple steps. It’s gone down well in my workshops. Here are some of the things my students have said to me:
“This really works! None of my drawings before today are anywhere near as good as the one I’ve done following this exercise.”
“Even if I stop using the method and “wing it”, I know that I can get back on track at any time by returning to it.”
“This is so exciting, I don’t want to stop drawing.”

So how does it work?

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