Hello! I’m Róisín Curé. I live in the county of Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. It is wild and natural over here, and in summer the country roads feel like a timeless paradise. In winter it’s bleak and wild and we all count the days until better weather returns. 

Sketching transformed my life, pretty much overnight. Although I had drawn forever, I only discovered a daily, or almost daily, practice of drawing whatever was in front of me in 2012. From that moment in Mauritius by the pool, reading Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters, I knew with certainty that my life was about to change forever.

When you’re sketching, you can’t dwell on your troubles. Simple as that. They’re still there when you shut the sketchbook, but you get a respite. And I have no idea how it works, but eventually you become calmer and less anxious. 

I wish I could share with you the hundreds of testimonies of my students who have had the same experience, but I have never figured out how to put reviews on my website. So for now, you can take my word for it, or you can find out for yourself by buying a little sketchbook – doesn’t have to be fancy – and a pen – it can be a pencil or a biro – and just draw wherever you are. You can thank me later.

But this is the About Me section. I have a family, my three children are grown now and I live in south Co. Galway near the sea with my husband and a fluffy terrier called Reuben whom I love dearly, but whom I would love a whole lot more if he didn’t constantly mark his territory indoors, a habit he started in 2022 at the age of 6 when a lady dog came visiting from across the road, and Reuben got scared (I guess). I write a blog, I write books, I sketch whenever I can, I make videos about that and put them on YouTube and I delete rejection emails from publishers, awarders-of-grants and pretty much anyone from whom I ask for anything.

(Quick interjection: all the rejections were hard. There must be about 200 by now. You might have had them about your art or creativity too, either professionally or as a younger person, at school or from a parent. Sketching exists separate to that. It’s YOUR private playground, where you can do whatever you like, and no one ever has to see it. But creativity is your birthright and no one can take it away. End of interjection.)

If you’d like to get to improve your sketching skills, then you can become a member of my special sketching community from all over the world. For €19.99 per month you can access nearly 200 classes, with more to come. I cover every topic you can imagine: there are classes on sketching people, perspective, foliage, skies, water, you name it. Each class is 90 minutes long…you’ll be an expert soon, or at least ready to put your OWN unique stamp on your art, in public, anywhere, any time! It’s not as scary as you think – trust me!

Then you get to join my private Facebook group where you can share all your new skills and meet the community. I look forward to getting to know you. 

X Róisín

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