Sunday 13/03/2022 class: Sunflowers for Ukraine

This one is for the people of Ukraine who need our help at the moment. You can donate whatever you like above €5 and all the proceeds will be sent to Ukraine via the Red Cross.

Minimum price: 5.00

Total: 8



I used a Platinum Carbon Pen with yellow waterproof ink (De Atramentis) but if you haven’t got that – and I am going to assume you haven’t – then use a sharp pencil, 2B by preference. You don’t want too heavy a line.
I used a variety of yellows for the petals. The big thing is to keep darkening the brown centre – it needs to be very dark indeed.
To summarise, here are the materials I used:
  • Yellow Document Ink by De Atramentis, waterproof
  • Urban Grey Document Ink (De atramentis) and Emma Sketch Ink by Rohrer & Kilngner, both waterproof
  • Watercolour: Payne’s grey, Burnt umber, Hansa yellow light / Aquarius yellow, Green apatite genuine, Ultramarine, Phthalo blue, Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna
  • Jin Hao 55-degree fude pen
  • Platinum Carbon pen
  • Hahnemeuhle Watercolour Sketchbook
If you don’t have the pens or ink in question, use a sharp pencil (2B if possible). Keep it sharpened so keep a knife handy.