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Watercolour Sketching for Beginners 05/09 – 09/09 ’22

September 5, 2022 1:00 pm
September 9, 2022 2:30 pm


Total: 25

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Event Details

This is a course consisting of FIVE classes for BEGINNERS in watercolour. The price of €25 is for all five classes: I believe in accessibility for all. The price covers the tuition session only, and does not cover any follow-up outside class time. If that is something you would like, there will be a group to join where you can share your work and get feedback.

Classes are LIVE, Monday to Friday, and are recorded, so there’s no need to worry if you can’t make it to one class or all classes.

Your receipt tells you you have paid for one class but you have paid for five.


The link will be sent to you the day before class.

The dates are:

Monday 5th-Friday 9th September 2022

1.00pm-2.30pm GMT+1

9.00am-10.30pm EDT


About class: you will be muted. You can keep your camera on or off, I don’t mind. I do like to see you as I love all the smiling faces – and it helps me feel I am not talking into thin air – but if you want to keep your camera off for any reason that’s fine with me!

Each class is 90 minutes long.

If you can’t make it, not to worry, you will be sent the recording. You MUST pay for, and attend, all five classes as I don’t want people asking questions that were covered in previous classes!

Who is it suitable for?

12 years upwards and adults.

The Kit


You will need a set of watercolours – try to get the best you can afford.

Brands I like:

Schmincke, W&N, Roman Szmal (Aquarius), Daniel Smith, Sennelier, Van Gogh, QoR, Rembrandt

Colours you will need:

  1. Burnt Umber
  2. Payne’s Grey
  3. Yellow Ochre
  4. Burnt Sienna
  5. Phthalo Blue (or Cerulean or Ultramarine or Prussian Blue)
  6. Sap Green (or Hookers Green)
  7. Phtahlo Green (or Viridian)
  8. Lemon yellow (or Azo Yellow or Cadmium Yellow or all of those)
  9. Alizarin crimson (or Madder Lake)
  10. Cadmium red (or Permanent Red Light)
  11. Orange (or Cadmium Yellow)
  12. Magenta (or Opera Pink, Opera Rose or Quinacridone Rose)

You can of course add any other colours you like.


I love Rosemary & Co. brushes but they’re expensive and for people who are happy to spend a bit more on their hobby. I like their R13. Otherwise get a good brush, a “round”, with a decent point. Size 8 is a good size. Some watercolour kits come with them.


You will need a pencil (2B) or, if you prefer to draw directly with a pen, a fude 55-degree nib with waterproof brown (or black, or grey) ink.

Brands of pen I like: Sailor fude de mannen, Jin Hao

Brands of ink I like: De Atramentis Document Ink, Sketch Ink by Rohrer & Kilngner


You will need watercolour paper. I recommend Hahnemuehle Watercolour sketchbooks – they’re great and not too expensive. Make sure to get a paper that’s not too light: 200g / 90lb is the minimum, or the paper might buckle when it gets wet.

That’s it!

Any questions, you can contact me. There is only ONE way to contact me and that is by email, to

(About the illustration: it’s just to show you how pretty watercolour sketching can be. Doesn’t mean we’re going to sketch that topic!)