“Dublin In Sketches And Stories” by Róisín Curé


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The perfect gift for any lover of Dublin, muincipal history or art, Dublin In Sketches And Stories is a truly wonderful book. I spent a year sketching on the streets of Dublin, through the four seasons. My brother, a keen amateur historian with an encylopædic knowledge of Dublin’s past, was my guide, adviser and consultant throughout – and the person who was always ready to arrange a lovely meal somewhere amazing when I was exhausted after a long day outdoors. In this book there are 166 pages, in colourful sketches and lively writing, about what happens when you take to the streets to draw. As well as encountering Dublin’s rich history, you’ll lose yourself in the stories you’ll read.

If I may say so as the author, it’s not really like other writing on Dublin you’ll come across. I write exactly what I like – it is sometimes “suggested” to me by my publisher what to say and I am always very quick to point out that I will write what I want, since my name is on the cover, and that if they want to write x, y or z they should write their own book…so this is my take on Dublin.

(My favourite part in the whole book is the bit when I’m trying to draw the Molly Malone statue, but I can’t see it well enough to draw her, because all the male passers-by feel compelled to fondle her brassy “breast”, so in the end I instruct a young Spanish man to keep his hand there, long enough for me to draw him…in the book he’s smiling but in reality he was very nervous.)

All the illustrations (over 125 of them) are in ink and watercolour, and, with one or two exceptions, were done right there on the street, from start to finish.

Please let me know if you would like a dedication or even a doodle on the inside page, and it would be my pleasure to do that for you.

This is the new paperback edition, just as lovely as the hardback version – but much more portable! It’s not just any paperback, either – it’s beautifully produced with French flaps on the front and back…a really gorgeous gift.

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