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Mini Paint Box


Mini Paint Box

•Tin box, 97mm x 60mm x 20mm
•Black exterior
•Contains a plastic insert with 10 wells
•Standard half pans fit in wells
•Supplied with glue dots (on a strip) to secure half pans into wells
•Enamel paint has been applied to the inside lid as a mixing palette
•Includes one strong magnetic clip to attach paint tin to your sketchbook, 37mm x 46mm
•Price is €35 plus shipping
•Paints not included
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Schmincke Paint Set

“I had the great honour of being asked by Schmincke, one of the world’s top paint brands for artists, to choose a range of colours for their Horadam range. They gave me free rein, but urban sketching is dear to my heart and I chose colours that are suitable for every urban sketching situation I could think of: people, nature, buildings, I have it covered. Top quality watercolours to give you the best results, with smooth consistency, vibrant colours and generally enjoyable handling.”
Colours: 215 Lemon Yellow, 218 Transparent Orange, 343 Quinacridone Red Light, 352 Magenta, 479 Helio Cerulean, 494 Ultramarine Finest, 519 Phthalo Green, 530 Sap Green, 655 Yellow Ochre, 661 Burnt Sienna, 668 Burnt Umber, 787 Payne’s Grey Bluish.