Sketching On Holiday: Now It’s Me Time!

Sketching On Holiday: Now It’s Me Time!

There’s something magically evocative about a sketch. Something that a photo doesn’t capture. A holiday is the perfect opportunity to capture the sights and senses of a special place, as you have time to indulge yourself with a bit of relaxing sketching in a way that the day-to-day business of living doesn’t allow. If you want to come home with a sketchbook of impressions that conjure up memories in a way that no photo album will ever do, then read on. I am going to share with you my top tips for making the most of your holiday sketching.

I’ll talk about the following:
– The kit you’ll need
– Planning in advance
– Sketching opportunities in unlikely places
– Finding time on holiday that doesn’t take you away form your travelling companions
– How to distill a scene when you don’t have a lot of time
– Deciding what’s important
– Sketching family and friends
– How to make sketching on holiday a social occasion

The Kit

You need to grab your chance when it’s there when you’re on holiday, whether it’s snapping up a piece of local pottery or sampling some tasty street food. It’s the same with sketching on holiday. You will need to have your kit at the ready so that you can make the most of a sketching opportunity. You’re there to relax, first and foremost, and whatever sketching you do should feel easy, and fit into the group’s plans.

When I’m on holiday, my sketching kit goes into whatever bag I’m taking with me. I’ll likely be walking for a long time so it can’t be too heavy. There may be wet kit in my bag if I go for a swim somewhere, and I don’t want the two to mix, so I bring a waterproof bag, either to put the sketching kit in or for the wet gear.

In my bag are the following:
A sketchbook – Fabriano Venezia in the A5 size is my book of choice at the moment
A small paintbox with 21 half pans, but 12 will do nicely – I use Schmincke for their intense colours
A travel brush which folds to protect the tip – I use Escoda Versatil in #10 or #12
A water pot – I use a metal one meant for oil painting as it has a sealing lid and doesn’t tip over
A white gel pen – useful for lettering on a blackboard
Three fountain pens – I use a Sailor 55 degree fude pen, one with brown ink, one with black ink and a Platinum Carbon pen with grey ink
Bulldog clips to hold pages down in the wind.
As for the bag itself, I adore my Etchr field satchel but you can use any pencil case.

Travel Kit (open), photo by Róisín Curé

Travel Kit (line), photo by Róisín Curé

Travel Kit (closed), photo by Róisín Curé

The kit packed up – nice and compact. You might want to add a small portable stool.

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