Outdoor Sketching Course in South Galway

I have gone on ad nauseum about how gorgeous the countryside is around my home in Kilcolgan. I’ve sketched it in all kinds of conditions. There have been days spent sketching when I’ve been too hot and come home with a neck reddened by the sun, when I’ve been too cold and walked home on feet that were no more than numb stumps and when I’ve come home soaking wet. But I’ve always come home happy.

Over the last few months, I’ve been teaching some of the locals a few techniques for handling their watercolours, and how to make an accurate drawing of an object in front of them. The plan was always to take the sketching course into the outdoors and put the newfound techniques to the test.

So I’m starting a new term, now that the weather has suddenly reminded us all of how beautiful, and what a paradise, it is around here from April onwards. We’ll spend a lot of time perched on folding stools, sketching something around here.

Like this:

Or this:

And the pier a five-minute drive from base (that’s my house, by the way):

Don’t worry, no one is asking you to draw anything as detailed as these pictures: the one of Tyrone House was done over three hot sunny days so it doesn’t qualify as a sketch, and as for the second, well, there won’t be anyone swimming in May (unless we get a freak heatwave), so nothing to fear there either. It’s only to whet your appetite.

The course will start on the last day of April and will run for six weeks, taking us up to the middle of June. Cost is €80 for the course or €15 per class and the first class is free for anyone who hasn’t been on one of my courses before. Some materials will be provided. Class numbers are limited to six so book early! You can message me via the contact page on the website.

The course will cover the following:

Kit you’ll use and how to use it
How to choose a successful subject
Making accurate drawings while retaining your own creative expression
How to choose and mix your colours
Techniques for successful on-location sketching
How to capture relative values of tone using just one colour
How to get a drawing habit going, and how to find inspiration
Drawing in the cracks – sketching anywhere in a busy life.

Please contact me for details of the next course.

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