Ink and Watercolour for Urban Sketching: Class Starts 7th November 2016

Ink and Watercolour for Urban Sketching: Class Starts 7th November 2016

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“Painting the Nation draws you in with its lovely, scenic views of Ireland’s beauty spots, and its glimpse into an idyllic world where people have endless time to sit around painting vases and waterfalls.” Kevin Courtney in The Irish Times, Oct 3rd

When I read Kevin’s comment, two thoughts came to mind. One was that I do live in an idyllic world where I paint lovely scenes all the time. The second was that urban sketching allows you to do this without endless time, which the vast majority of us don’t have to spare.

Someone suggested I should apply to take part in RTE’s Painting the Nation art competition, but I wasn’t interested. Firstly, because I don’t qualify (I’m not an amateur, and I have a close relative who works in RTE) and secondly because I’m very uneasy about painting being made the subject of a competition. Sure, it’s natural and only human to compare standards, but the true joy is not in the accolade or kudos, it’s in the DOING. I will maintain this until I no longer have breath to say it.

Urban sketching is ALL about the doing.

Restaurant in Galway City, Watercolour by Róisín Curé

It’s about using your innate creativity to capture the world around you, a creativity that each and every one of us possesses, despite what you may have been told, or have come to believe about yourself.

“I don’t have time to sketch!” you’ll say. That may be true if you’re thinking of hauling out your easel, getting out your oils or acrylics and setting aside two or three hours to paint. The thing about urban sketching is – you do have time. If you have ten minutes to mess on your phone, you have time to make a sketch. You can turn those ten minutes into a lightning sketch, using supplies that will fit into the back pocket of my jeans, a coat pocket or a small rucksack.

I’ll show you how.

Hotel in Galway, Watercolour by Róisín Curé

Over 7 weeks I will teach you all you need to know to get you started on this addictive and fulfilling hobby. While urban sketching is truly about the process and not the result, it’s a lot more satisfying to get the lines where you want them. I’ll show you lots of tricks to help you do that.

We’ll cover what materials are useful, what paints to choose, composition, drawing and using ink & watercolour. I’ll use examples of my own work to demonstrate principles, and I will get you practising observation and watercolour mixing by copying the old masters. Then we’ll do hands-on sketching in the classroom, and I’ll help you with issues that come up. The aim is to send you out sketching on your own, armed with knowledge and confidence, and in time you’ll find your own groove. That’s the best bit!

Petrol pumps, Watercolour by Róisín Curé

When: Monday evenings, 7.00-8.30pm starting 7th November
Where: OLA Learning Academy (upstairs, opposite Oranmore Library)
Cost: €100
Limited numbers – book immediately to avoid disappointment by contacting me at roisin(dot)cure(at)gmail(dot)com, or use the contact form on this website.

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