The market at Triolet, Mauritius

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Watercolour of the market at Triolet, Mauritius, Róisín Curé

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Limited edition print (200). Watercolour area 402 x 293 mm. This painting was made in 2012 on the Indian ocean island of Mauritius.

This market at Triolet was on my radar to draw as soon as I took to the streets to sketch. It was a lovely subject, but I had to move after a few hours as the sun crept round and burned my feet. You can’t put suncream on while you are painting, as you can’t risk getting your painting greasy. There was a samosa seller to my right. He put the sign in front of me that you can see in the foreground. It is a “no parking” sign and he told me it would ensure that my view would not be obstructed. He offered me samosas. I was reluctant to take them, as I was nervous of street food. He was so offended that I relented, and it was the start of a love affair with all types of Mauritian street food. It was the samosa seller who suggested drawing the Hindu temple that you can see on this site.

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