Surya Oudaya Sangam Tamil Temple at Grand Baie, Mauritius

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Watercolour of the Tamil temple at Grand Baie, Mauritius, Róisín Curé

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Limited edition print (200). Watercolour area 366 x 296 mm. This painting was made in 2012 on the Indian ocean island of Mauritius.

The Surya Oudaya Sangam Tamil Temple at Grand Baie, Mauritius, gives you quite a start when you see it for the first time, as it is a very exotic manifestation of someone’s vision. It was only when my mother visited that we decided to go in. You had to pay about €1.50 to look around and it was the best value for money I ever had, if value can be measured by your jaw dropping. I was fearful of painting it, as it was just so complicated, but in the end I decided it was worth a try. It was fun to do – if a bit intense – and took me a few days of returning to the temple, but it was still good value…once or twice I saw tourists change their mind about entering when they realised they were supposed to make a donation. I wanted to shout at them not to be such fools.