Mon Choisy, Mauritius

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Watercolour of Mon Choisy, Mauritius, Róisín Curé

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Limited edition print (200). Watercolour area 369 x 293 mm. This painting was made in 2012 on the Indian ocean island of Mauritius.

The path which runs alongside the beach at Mon Choisy is lined with tamarin trees, which cast a dappled shade. There is little colour (apart from the beautiful turquoise lagoon) until you see this van, full of sarongs for sale, a veritable rainbow. I got to know Sunita and Sunil, the couple who owned the van. You can see them sitting down on the right. They were very friendly. Sunil suggested I draw the “petit dodo” pattern on one of the beach towels he had for sale. “But it’s your painting,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to interfere.” “Well, it’s your van and beach towel,” I replied. “I’ll put the dodo in!”