Giant lilies in Pamplemousses Gardens, Mauritius

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Watercolour of the giant lilies in Pamplemousses, Mauritius, Róisín Curé

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Limited edition print (200). Watercolour area 503 x 402 mm. This painting was made in 2012 on the Indian ocean island of Mauritius.

The Amazonia lilies in the Botanic Gardens, Mauritius, were one of those interesting Victorian tourist attractions that you hear about. People were invited to put their babies on the leaves to show how they could support their weight (times have changed). Today, the giant lilies form the central attraction in the Botanic Gardens, as they are really quite stunning, with their huge leaves and long rectangle lake. I enjoyed painting them, and the fishing bird who stayed perfectly still, waiting for his chance. I wanted to paint him gulping down a fish – maybe next time. A young botany student watched me paint and was overcome with shyness when I told him I had painted him in the picture. You can see him on the far right, gazing thoughtfully into the water.