Cottage in Maree, Co. Galway

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Watercolour of a cottage in Maree, Róisín Curé

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Limited edition print (200). Watercolour area 201 x 135 mm. This painting was made in 2013 in Maree, Co. Galway, Ireland.

This was painted in early spring and there were a few lambs in the small field in front of a cottage in Maree. Their mothers were wary of me at first but in the end they calmed down a bit and stayed around long enough to be sketched. A young boy of about twelve, who had been tending sheep, approached as I painted. He watched me for a while. “I did a project on that cottage for school,” he said. “The old man who lives there is about eighty. He’s never looked through another window, nor sat at another kitchen table.” I took this to be a very quaint way of saying that the elderly gentleman had lived there all his life.