Drawing Classes in Ballinderreen

Drawing well is a matter of seeing well. Come and learn to LOOK and SEE more clearly in Ballinderreen Community Centre starting Monday 23rd March 2015. We’ll use age-old techniques to improve everyone’s technique; I have used them in my kids’ classes, and the children get so excited to see what they can so easily do. You will too.

Time of class: 8.30pm – 10.00pm.

Start Date: we’ve started, but we begin a new topic every week so you can join up any time.

Location: Ballinderreen Community Centre. To get there, take the N67, off the N18 Galway – Limerick road. Ballinderreen is a few miles before Kinvara, Co. Galway.

Cost: €15 per class, discount for full payment in advance

Materials: Cost includes drawing aids for your use during the class but students buy their own paints and brushes.

Booking: Get in touch by email at roisincurepictures@gmail.com

Reading material: I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain by Betty Mathews (4th edition). This is an excellent book and gets to the very heart of what constitutes seeing clearly.

I also recommend the following:

Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory – excellent for helping you to develop a daily drawing habit
Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson – more ways to learn to see clearly

There’s also a complementary sketching session on Sundays in the locality (we have drawn Killeenaran Quay many times!) in which you can try out your new skills. I’ll be on hand for help and advice whenever I can but there’s nearly always a small group of dedicated sketchers together from about midday on Sundays, making it a very convivial and pleasant experience. There’s truly no nicer way to spend an hour or two on a sunny Sunday morning – and it’s free for everyone to join in. We arrange a meeting place each Monday evening, or closer to the day, and let each other know where to meet by text.

I look forward to helping you iron out your drawing issues, and with the nice weather here at last, there’s a plethora of happy sketching sessions to look forward to!

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